TwHIN: Twitter's Secret Weapon for a Personalized Feed

Revolutionizing Social Media: Inside Twitter's AI-powered Recommendation Engine. Discover how Twitter's new AI-powered recommendation engine, TwHIN, is revolutionizing the way you interact with your feed. Explore the advancements in data processing and personalization that make your Twitter experience more engaging and personalized.

May 24, 2023 - 11:59
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TwHIN: Twitter's Secret Weapon for a Personalized Feed
Say Hello to TwHIN, The Future of Content Recommendation on Twitter

Twitter is on a mission to personalize your feed and make it more engaging. Enter 'TwHIN', Twitter's new in-house recommendation engine designed to elevate your online social experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, TwHIN is changing the landscape of content recommendation systems.

At its core, TwHIN works with a complex network of data, called the 'Heterogeneous Information Network' (HIN). The HIN comprises various types of data - tweets, users, hashtags, and more, interconnected through a multitude of relationships, such as following, retweeting, and liking. This massive network of information serves as the playground for TwHIN to function.

Instead of processing one type of data at a time, TwHIN takes everything into account simultaneously. This method, known as 'joint embedding', allows it to consider the richness and diversity of Twitter's network. It's an upgrade from older techniques that only analyzed one type of connection at a time, improving both the quality of recommendations and the generalizability of the model.

By embedding different types of data together, TwHIN is able to bridge the gap between sparse and abundant data points, allowing it to make connections and predictions that would otherwise be overlooked. Furthermore, the engine incorporates user activity, enhancing the model's dynamism and ensuring that your Twitter feed is always up-to-date and personalized.

A highlight of TwHIN's design is its focus on efficiency and low latency. This is crucial for a platform like Twitter, where millions of interactions happen in real-time. By using a technique called 'product quantization', TwHIN effectively compresses data without compromising on the quality of recommendations. This ensures that your feed updates swiftly and smoothly.

TwHIN also tackles the problem of 'parameter drift', a phenomenon where repeated updates to the model could cause performance inconsistencies. Twitter has introduced two methods - 'warm start' and 'regularization' - to ensure that updates to TwHIN do not disrupt its performance.

After rigorous testing and fine-tuning, TwHIN has demonstrated substantial improvements in both offline and online settings, ensuring your Twitter feed is more personalized and engaging than ever before.

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