ZDataCloud: Revolutionizing Research Data Governance with ISO 37000 Principles

Explore how IDM's ZDataCloud, built on ISO 37000 governance principles, revolutionizes research data governance and quality management. Learn how this innovative platform empowers universities and research centers to take full control of their research data, boosting asset value and reducing future research costs.

May 15, 2023 - 07:13
May 15, 2023 - 07:13
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ZDataCloud: Revolutionizing Research Data Governance with ISO 37000 Principles
Harnessing the Power of ISO 37000: IDM's Innovative Approach to Research Data Governance

In an era marked by unprecedented data growth, research data governance and quality management have emerged as crucial aspects in academia and research institutions. Universities and research centers are grappling with the challenges of effectively managing, governing, and leveraging the wealth of research data they produce. Addressing these challenges is central to enhancing research outcomes, fostering collaboration, maintaining compliance, and safeguarding data privacy.

IDM, a leading research and development company in Saudi Arabia, recognized these challenges and set out to craft a solution. With a mission to leverage scientific methods, data, technology, and advanced analytics to support decision-making processes, IDM has always been at the forefront of integrating scientific rigor with innovative technology.

In response to the growing need for effective research data governance and management, IDM has developed ZDataCloud, a comprehensive Research Data Governance & Quality system. ZDataCloud is a cutting-edge platform designed to support universities and research organizations in effectively managing and governing their research data. The system is built with a deep understanding of the unique needs of the academic and research community, and it aims to revolutionize the way these institutions handle their data.

ZDataCloud is built based on the ISO 37000 framework for governance, a globally recognized standard that emphasizes purpose as a primary principle. ZDataCloud embodies this principle by aiming to enhance research integrity, promote collaboration and data sharing, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, safeguard data privacy and security, and improve research outcomes and impact.

The system integrates research methodologies and sampling techniques to guarantee the highest scientific quality data collection and management. Covering cross-sectional surveys, cohort, and randomized control trials (RCTs), ZDataCloud offers an array of methodologies to suit different research needs. It also features a scientific sampling engine, which supports quota and stratified sampling techniques, enhancing research sampling and randomization quality.

ZDataCloud is not just a tool for individual researchers; it's a transformative platform for universities and research centers. It provides a robust tool for improving research data governance and management, enabling these institutions to take ownership of their research data. ZDataCloud empowers universities to quantify, value, and reclaim their data, increasing their asset value, opening up new commercialization opportunities, and reducing future research costs through high-quality research data recycling.

Through ZDataCloud, IDM is providing a solution that harmonizes the rigorous standards of scientific research with the innovative possibilities of modern technology. By placing ISO 37000's governance principles at the heart of the system, IDM.sa is helping universities and research organizations navigate the complexities of research data governance and management, setting a new standard for the field.

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